Saturday, August 14, 2010

Would all you cool bloggers

quit making these amazing items that I cannot purchase?!?

I have this trip to the UK planned and I really have to be good about spending until I get back. Which is really hard when some of you (who will be named, yes, run and hide evil people :D ) are making the coolest stuff.

So lately there are all these cool new items coming from Ghoul Friday, I really, really wanted a Plague Doctor (one of the many cool new creations), had to skip that one :(

Very unhappy FQ - but she has lots more items over at her new all the rest of you go buy all the cool goodies that I cannot have.  No, not bitter at all :D

Now I notice that Pumpkin Hollow has some new creepy cloaked pumpkin figures that are just perfect.  I need one to watch over the pumpkin that I bought from her that the evil furry things that rule the house want to make their plaything.   Just too much fantastic creativeness going on over there....please stop it, you are making the FQ cry. 

If you have not seen Bean's (and Pumpkinrot's) amazing work.  You are really missing something special in this spooky world.  So please go over there and buy them all so that the quit tempting me! :D

See how sad and forlorn he/she/it looks - I feel the same way.

But what really makes me cry lately is just thinking about owning a piece of work from William Bezek.  Seriously, my jaw drops every time I visit there.  In fact after his latest creation, I don't think I can bear to visit anymore, just way too much good stuff, I am afraid I will start weeping uncontrollably :).

He has created so many clever and creepy and positively wonderful creations that I would love to post them all, (especially this doll that is already sold - I want to know who to so I can go see it and ...look at it, yes, I just want to take a peak :D ) so here is one,  his latest creation.  I hear they even move or sway.....of course they do! That makes them beyond perfection.

Trust me you need to go visit his blog to see what you are missing.  And you might want to hide your credit card before you do :D

And it appears that ShellHawk is making these cool little pumpkins/dog treats over at her end of the world.  I imagine they will be in her Etsy store soon!  You people are trying to kill me!  :D

Well, if I can't have them I hope they all go to good homes.  (Not as good as if they were at my house of course.)

Lately I have only been buying things under the pretense that they are "door prizes for the Halloween party" - so, is it rude, as a host, to give yourself a door prize?  LOL!

Okay, I am not sinking that low.....not yet :D

And you all know I am kidding (FQ is a big kidder) all of your work is amazing and I love it and I wish you much (deserved) success in you finding homes for your creations.  Thanks for sharing bits of our soul/heart/whatever you feel comfortable calling it, with us.  I, for one, really appreciate it.

That said., this trip to the UK better be *&^%$( amazing. :D

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