Friday, August 20, 2010

I bet it is just

Because I have strange in my blog URL :D

Before I came up with Frog on a Pumpkin, I thought I would call my blog Strange Little Girl cause I am such a fan of The Stranglers. But some other person had a blog with a similar name and it was way different so I changed the title of the blog….but did not change the URL. To this day I regret that decision.

So either you guys like me (cause you called me strange and I like strange) or because I it is in my blog URL. Either way thank you great people for mentioning me.

Thanks for the great award.

Magikal Seasons
Haunt Jaunts
Laughing Wolf

So I am supposed to pass this on to some strange people…..but with the company that visits this site….it is really hard to define strange :D

Anyway, check out the site for the upcoming book.  I love books...I am sure this will become part of my collection.

I think I am going to skip this part…unless I find sometime to go put a list together.

Each and every one of you are strange. That is why I like you.

Now, back to prop building!!!

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