Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey, I was just taking a nap

and someone through a mudded sheet over me!! 

Oh, wait, I am a prop......I don't nap.  (Sorry, been a busy month for the FQ, she is getting very silly. Bare with me.)

Here is the next phase of one of the latest props - we are calling the sarcophagus - She is another girl prop...the boys in the crew are starting to think we are being one sided. :D
I thought they would appreciate props with boobs, go figure :D

To be fair this prop was originally supposed to be a knight.  But I looked at the calendar realized that it was too complicated to finish in time.  And anyway, I have been wanting to do a shrouded body on since I saw one in France years ago.

The next version of this prop (hopefully 2011) will be a full size above ground tomb, that one will have a knight on it.  Sword and chain mail....the whole bit.  We better start now :D

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