Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So I was chatting

with another blogger the other day about something unrelated and for some reason I ended up sharing that a willow tree on a tombstone is often the symbol of child's grave (I forgot to tell him that it is especially the case where there is a lamb under the tree).

So that goes to show - don't take the frog queens words as gospel :D

This past weekend I put several roses on a gravestone, just to give it a try and realized that I put things on my tombstones in a more aesthetic fashion rather than meaning.  I was curious to know if there is meaning behind what is on a tombstone.

So I asked a friend who knows these things and got this very cool list.  Just had to share.

Arches = Victory in Death
Arrows = Mortality
Bouquets/Flowers = Condolences, grief, sorrow
Buds/Rosebud = Morning of Life or Renewal of Life
Roses = Brevity of earthly existence
Portals =. Passageway to eternal journey
Bugles = Resurrection and the Military
Crossed Swords = Highranking military person
Flying Birds =  Flight of the Soul
Fruits = Eternal plenty
Garlands = Victory in death
Imps = Mortality
Shells =  Pilgrimage of Life
Thistles = Remembrance
Tombs = Mortality
Trees = Life
Trumpeters = Heralds of the Resurrection
Willows = Earthly Sorrow
Morning Glory = Beginning of Life
Butterfly= = Shortlived; Early Death
Full Bloom Rose = Prime of Life
Palm Branch = Signifies Victory and Rejoicing
Ivy = Friendship and Immortality
Laurel =  Fame of Victory
Oak Leaves and Acorn = Maturity, Ripe Old Age
Weeping Willow =  Emblem of Sorrow, Early Death, Deep Sorrow
Corn =  Ripe Old Age
Sheaf of Wheat = Ripe/Divine Harvest, Time
Poppy =  Sleep
Lamb = Innocence
Dove = Inn., Gentle, Affection, Purity
Cherub =  Angelic
Cross = Emblem of Faith
Anchor/Ships =  Hope or Seafaring profession
Broken Ring =  Family Circle Severed
Broken Column = Loss of Head of Family
Torch Inverted = Life Extinct
Urn with Blaze = Undying Friendship
Handshakes =  Farewell
Hearts = Soul in Bliss or Love of Christ
Horns =  The Resurrection
Hourglass =  Swiftness of Time
Open Book/Bible = Deceased Teacher, Minister, etc.
Lily or Lily of Valley = Emblem of Innocence, Purity
Tree Stump w/Ivy = Head of Family; Immortality
Urn with/Wreath or Crepe =  Mourning
Stars & Stripes Around Eagle =  Eternal Vigilance, Liberty
Hourglass w/Wings of Time = Time Flying; Short Life
Candle being Snuffed =  Time, Mortality
Coffin, Father Time, Picks/Shovels, Darts = Mortality
Hand of God Chopping = Sudden Death
Winged Effigies = Flight of the Soul

Very cool information. I am definitely putting a thistle on my next tombstone.  This is the simple list.  I will work through the rest of the book and elaborate more on some of the symbols.

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