Thursday, August 26, 2010

Believe it or not

my office might be the only safe place for him.

Isn't he cute?

He is one of those lovely pumpkins that Ghoul Friday makes. He arrived at the house a while ago and immediately went MIA.

Now, the FQ is completely unorganized and really wanted to believe that I had just put it away for safe keeping somewhere and I would find when I moved the offices.

Offices moved.

Still no pumpkin.


I had to admit to myself what really happened.

The cats got him.....

since I had not seen him in a while so that meant only one thing.....the poor guy was under a piece of furniture......just out of paw reach from Mason. (Mason is the largest cat, if he could not reach it, none of the others could.)

So, Mason's favorite place is the sofa in the music room.

We start the quest there.

Success, the poor guy was found.

He was under the couch, by the window, looks like he had been crying himself to sleep at night.

Ah, that is too sad.

I gotta make this up to him.

So I thought he could come to my office and help me piss off my Halloween hating co-worker. I enjoy irritating her and he seems like the kinda pumpkin that would get into that sort of thing. He looks a he is ready to attack anyone that says anything bad about his holiday.  My kinda pumpkin.

That and he is heavy and I am sure would make some good distance when thrown, at said Halloween hating co-worker.

(using my best Eddie Izzard voice) "In my mind!"

Cause I would never really throw it.....I like him too much. Plus I think a stapler would hurt more :)  (just kidding FQ is a big kidder.)

In honor of his rediscovery, I am changing the store link on the right to Ghoul Friday's store. Go get yourself a throwing pumpkin....they are better than ninja throwing stars. At least for us Halloween folk.

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