Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes I forget

what our dinner conversations must sound like to the tables around us. :D

Last night we went up to my friend Sara's house to film one of her 23 horses (only six are actually hers - she owns a horse ranch) for our latest ghost effect.*

Of course or lovely and talented friend Marci that takes all the wonderful pictures of the haunt came up to take pictures of the process (and hubby Nick wanted to test his new video camera).  After filming Legacy - lovely and very patient horse, and getting a tour of the ranch (including her new baby horse Rio) we headed to dinner at our favorite Southern cooking place - The Screen Door (Has the best vegetarian food, the beet and grapefruit salad is to die for!)
So as usually we are talking about graveyards, tombstones, skulls, corpses, coffins, and how husband made this crate for this limited edition skull we are making for the Etsy store.

I guess the words "building a crate for a skull" or "finishing up a corpse" or "do you want a skull for your garden?" can be quite disturbing out of context.  We got some very interesting looks last night. 

Sometimes I wonder what stories these people must have for their friends when they get home :)


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