Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hours and hours

of scroll saw work on then hours of sanding with a dremel and we are getting closer to the finished luminary.  Here it is with the scroll pieces attached to the front and sides.
I designed the pattern in Illustrator printed it out and glued it with Super 77 (love that stuff) to 1/4 inch Luan and it was cut with a both a scroll saw and the new Dremel scroll saw (husband got to buy a new toy!). 
We realized that it was pretty thin and delicate so husband cut some 1/2 in pieces to fit and routered down the center to fit the scroll pieces in.  Glued them and stapled them to the legs.
I then took black spray paint and painted them inside and out. 

The green tape bits are cover the flicker LEDs and circuit boards.  We are using EFX-TEKs wickLED system for this piece.  I agree with them that their three LED system with the circuit board on each light gives a more realistic light than those battery operated tea lites.

Looks fantastic.  We tested it with a few of the votives on it.  It is
 in my workshop ready for me to glue the 48 plastic votive cups and and candles to it.

I am scaring myself a little bit making something so "church" like for the graveyard...actually the abbey. :D

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