Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now he looks like a knight

I just need to get him a sword and we are good to go. :D

So we "peeled" Joe out of his original mudded fabric* (which was fun) so we could try him in cheese cloth. We had to remove some hardware that would show through the thinner material and I decided to lift his hands up to put a bowl or something there.

Cheese cloth is really fun to mud, I like they way it looks and it is easier to work with than I thought.  It looks great on the body and the shoulders, but I can see now that the head will need few more layers to make it look like it is a shroud and not chain mail :D

* Now, I have not given up on the brilliant idea of the skeleton nativity scene.  We have been talking about doing a full size one in the yard, the back yard, one day.....maybe soon.  A small one might be easier to manage and less chance of the neighbors seeing it and picketing the house :D

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