Thursday, May 27, 2010

Even if I had

another sister-in-law. She would still be my favorite.

This is a gift from Husband's sister - she works at a custom glass company. This was one of the left overs from a project.

For the record, nothing this cool is ever in the free pile at my work :D

We are still working on exactly what to do with it. I is currently decorating the coffee table....

I mean where else do you put something this awesome :D
Off to build a shrine to its magnificence. ;D


  1. THAT IS SOOOOOOO COOL! My sister in law is a pharmacist. She won't even give me birthday narcotics much less a skull!

    I'm thinking lighting it underneath to make sure it's seen would be cool.

  2. The only thing in our free pile at work is old office supplies. BORING!

  3. I agree, it does need a shrine! beautiful!

  4. It is awesome...I totally tried to steal it on my birthday but it wouldn't sit in my pocket! :)


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