Friday, May 7, 2010

So let us just get this

one out of the way, once and for all.

I have been musing on how funny you all think it is to send me spider stuff - ha, ha, very funny....I am glad everyone is having a good time :D

Actually as much as I am afraid of them, they are quite interesting and in the last few years since I have been blogging you have all helped me learn more about spiders than I EVER wanted to know. Thanks...I think.

I think some of you go out there and just search for stuff to scare me, and I appreciate your dedication, especially several bloggers who have told me about the worlds largest spider......and since I have never posted about it, you all must think I don't know about me.

I know.

I think the first person to bring the Goliath Bird Eating Spider to my attention was my friend Mr. Macabre. (At least I think he is my friend.....he says he is.....:D) But several of you kind bloggers have also been thoughtful enough to draw it to my attention....which by the way is not needed......this frickin spider is HUGE, how could you miss it.

So, I am going to post a picture of this monster (and I mean monster) on my stop sending me links to pictures and least until I get a home defibrillator :)

And for a really funny read about this spider (cause we can only laugh in the face of fear), check out this link. I so wish I had written this.


  1. Giggle, once we find a weakness, we pick at it with laughter! giggle... I have never posted a spider thing on YOUR blog. giggle

  2. Alright there Crazy Spider Lady (your official name now)...I haven't had a chance to reply, post more, or even write a new post for my OWN blog....but this last post of yours is of gigantic could even say Goliath.... :P

    First to the picture...What the BEEP BEEP is that BEEP BEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEP THING??? That is no 'mere' spider, that monstrosity belongs in it's very OWN category...other than GAHHHHHHHHH- I can't think of anything.

    Secondly, to the's me watching it...

    Yikes, it's that a hand-puppet? EEWW!! nope don't think so, wait why is it headed TOWARDS ME???? It can't come through the screen can it?? CAN IT???

    ok phew....yes very impressive legs Mr Spider. And even more impressive fangs...(or claws for teeth to be more precise)

    alrighty now, no need for the EXTREME close up...seriously...I get the idea...ok-enough already...(please note I am squealing and rolling into the fetal position)

    awww look at the cute mouse...wait, why is the beast moving....hey stop that...uh mr mousie, time to go home now...let's go...why am I hearing the jaws theme....NO not the jaws theme...


    Oh my god the monster got the cute little mousie!! He's dead (breaks into heavy sobbing)

    GAH WTF is THAT TOUCING MY LEG!!!! (jumps up and screams--only to realize it was the cats tail)

    cathie dials the therapist for an immediate appointment...

  3. Funny, but now when I see a spider I think of you.

    Today I walked into my bathroom and there was a big, honkin' spider on the wall (to go with the one curled up in the corner). It then crawled behind the picture frame on the wall.

    I don't know if it's just me, but there seem to be an awful lot of spiders in my house this year.


  4. The exterminators came today and dealt with my brown recluse problem. Before they came I had to clean it out...

    I saw 12.

    Yes, 12, not including the 4 that I saw the next day.



  5. ROFLMAO! Ar least you have a sense of humor about it all. I like that you laugh in the face of fear. =)

  6. go girl! I'm really impressed that you went out of your way to post something about spiders-BIG spiders. also, for letting us know how much you appreciate all the trouble your followers go to in order to share spider info, objects, etc., with you. hehehehe mwahahahahaha....

  7. Its so cute! you could put a leash on it and walk it around town like a teacup dog.

  8. I find many dozens of reclusae in our home every year (and I know what they look like). Spraying only keeps them away for a season, a few months. They'll be back. Thing is, for all the spiders I've seen over 15 years, NO ONE who ever lived this home has EVER been bitten by one. Not once. Yet somehow our home doesn't have the silverfish, roaches and ants that seem to plague everyone else in the neighborhood.
    Sorry, but spiders, for all their horror-disgust inducement, are very much our friends. The odd chance of a medically significant spider bite is far preferable to the known dangers from other household pests.

  9. BTW - Frothie51 - that cracked me up....brilliant!

    And, yes, I know spiders are good. I rarely kill them. They just creep me out!!!

    As far as other pests....don't even get me started about the hornets nest in the attic.


  10. Hahaha, fair enough! Though I hate to inform you that as of 2001, a discovery of a new species in Laos has made the Goliath only the 2ND largest spider in the world. Heteropoda maxima has a legspan averaging at least 5 cm longer than Theraphosa blondi (the Goliath). DON'T worry, though... they're only in that region and I will NOT send you pictures, promise!

  11. Funny???
    Those darn spiders are hideous!

  12. You people are awesome!! Why? because we can all speak our opinions and STILL get's no minor miracle these days!!(sorry real life drama intruding there)

    Spider Queen, err I meant Frog Queen, glad you liked the post. hee hee figured I could make you laugh with that....

    As far as spiders go, I have a arms distance policy, as in -if you are closer than arm's length to me, then you have a death wish and will die!! squash!! Unless I can get you out to the garden. But I warn you (err mr spider) that any sudden movements and it's your squashed body that's going to the garden...not the live one that will eat all those stupid garden bugs that destroy my plants!! grrr

    OK because I'm a slight NOT in THAT way, geez people...I had to look up this new spider and Mother BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP.....

    Here's an article...

    Warning for the wusses these are nastier than before...yes I let out a little shriek...I am a wuss...but I'm a curious wuss!!,_Stuart,_20020402.jpg


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