Monday, May 3, 2010

Got zombie


I got zombie parts.....I have the head and hand of a very small zombie!!! Yes, one of my blog friends is dismembering innocent zombies for jewerly!

I know what you are thinking.... that cool or what?

Actually they are likely made of plastic or clay.....but I prefer the idea that she has coraled up an army of small zombie and is keeping them in her basement and harvesting thier parts for her evil plans and profit. I am not saying that she is hacking up innocent zombies, I bet she waits for the parts to fall off know, like they do sometimes. :D

I have had the pleasure of meeting her (and Andy) and I think the small zombie farm (although highly unpausible) is definately something she is capable of :) That is why I like her :)

Thanks for visiting Ghoul Friday - it was a please to meet you (both of you!) You are welcome at the Graveyard anytime.

Just bring more zombie parts!!!


  1. Well my goodness, what zombie awesomeness...and it would be even better coming from a little family run zombie farm, fer sure. :)

  2. Very nice indeed, I would totally hang zombies everywhere!

  3. Awww - who doesn't want a pretty little body-part wreath?! Very nice!

  4. Ooooo, me likey!

    Thanks for sharing Frog Queen!

  5. Zombies! Speaking of....I just wanted to thank you so much for DVD! The whole thing was 'spooktacular'! The fam and I sat down and watched it one night. I must say that I especially loved you and your husband's costumes. I think they were my fav of all. This was awesome and I'm most grateful. THANK YOU! :o)

  6. LMAO! I love the "Got Zombie" funny. And then to see all the pics of the zombie parts. TOO CUTE! (Not to mention how funny your accompanying comments were.) Great fun!

  7. Thanks for having us for a visit :)

    I will not confirm or deny the existence of a small zombie army, but I will say - hypothetically speaking - if they WEREN'T of organic origins, they would be made of clays (the necklace would be sculpey, and the ornament would be paperclay).


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