Friday, May 28, 2010

So, where to start

I think I will go back to front. I have always been a bit this works for me.

Last weekend was a blast, as most of you know we attended the first annual West Coast Haunters Convention, we had a great time.....but I am going to skip to the end. (I promise to get back to the very interesting beginning later.)

Our friends Leonard and Jeanne Pickel who stayed in town for an extra day and graced us with their awesome presence.

For those of you not familiar with them, they put on HAuNTcon, Leonard (founder) is the editor of Haunted Attraction Magazine, Leonard has owned and designed many haunted attractions (owns D.O.A.), he is an icon in the industry.

Beside all that.....they are both really cool people.

I know I have gushed on them before, but they really deserve it. In the years that Husband and I have been more and more involved in the greater haunt community we have made a lot of great friends, but have found not one more supportive of home haunters in the haunt industry then Leonard (and HAuNTcon.)

Proving again how much he appreciates home haunters he took the extra day while he was in town to hang with Husband and I. (Could be lack of haunts in our area...but we like to think it was us.)

We got to show them our yard and all our stuff (looks a lot less impressive in storage :D ) He was very kind and helpful, answering questions and offering suggestions. How many home haunters get to spend that much time with people that are so knowledgeable about haunting...most people pay for that kind of time.....oops, I didn't ask if the meter is running......I might be getting a bill in the mail :D (It was so worth it!)

One of my favorite moments is when he was looking at our pictures and said "so how do the corpses in the trees fit in the display?" I stammered with how they fit in the back story about how the monk tortured and killed the towns folk. I had to smile, because those particular props gave me the same problem when I started "house cleaning" the yard a few years ago. To tell the truth, I had to stretch the back story to fit the prop. I thought no one would notice...damn he is good. That is why he is who he is...yes, even the frog queen bows down to that much awesomeness! :D

He also reminded me that he volunteered to write the forward for our book....the one we have been talking about writing for about 5 years now :D (I would say it is half way one haunter friend reminded me lately....I need to prioritize! - I am starting to think there is a conspiracy going on to finally get us off our behinds!!! :D )

We talked about what more we could do at HAuNTcon and husband and I have been seriously talking about getting involved on a larger scale. (Larger for us, small for HAuNTcon overall.) But if it all works out, could be fun and a learning experience. We have some budgeting issues to work out on our end....but those are just details. He thought we would talk about it more on our road trip this weekend and get back to him next week.

Just have to say thank you once again to some of the coolest people in the haunt community.

BTW, if we are more are all going to HAuNTcon to support us next year.....right? :D


  1. You are inspiring. I always want to do something wonderful with my yard for Halloween, but never really know how. You've gone out and met the people that make Halloween great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing that with us. Sounds like a great time!

  3. Sounds like another awesome time Queenie, glad they FINALLY brought the con to the west coast for you!


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