Monday, September 22, 2008

All the cool, scary stuff happens

in October.

That is good, I love October. Except, I am so busy that I don't often get to go to any cool events because I am doing something for our display.

"Really", you say.

Yeah, last year we went to see Bruce Campbell at Live Wire. My phone rang about 30 minutes into it. I ignored it. Jeff's rang 5 minutes later.

I listen to the frantic message - it sounded as if the end of the world had come; one of the props quit working.

10 minutes later the fog machine quit working.

15 minutes - the power went out.

Then, the whole city of Portland showed up and asked why stuff was not working......

I would have enjoyed Bruce more if I had not spent the whole time thinking that I have to leave the minute he is done.

We went home and got most (yeah, I threw a fit about that, not one of my better moments) of the props working. Jeff and I were not talking to each other at that point. :)

By the next day everything was triple-checked and sure not to fail.

And husband was this close to filing for divorce :)

So as you can imagine. I am not going to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. :(

I got new book with a lot of his early magazine stories, that will have to do for now.....if I ever make lots of money, I want this book.

Going to try to make it to a few of the Haunts - Sauvie Island Corn Maze, 13th Door, and Scream at the Beach...and if we are really lucky, we can go see a few of the local yard haunts.....but I am not making any promises.

It's all worth it. We have one of the largest yard haunt displays in the country, we are supporting both the Milwaukie High School Dance Team and Portland Center Stage this year, and we reportedly throw one of the best Halloween parties ever! :)

Like I said, I love October :)

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