Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Spirit Cabinet


I have the perfect wall for it - across from my Red Shoes subway poster - this is the only thing fabulous enough to be in the same room.

I really, really want this poster. :)

And I can have it too if I want it in 8 sheets that set up to be 160 x 80 - The available wall is about half that size.

So in this day and age of "finding anything" I cannot find this poster any smaller! No where - not a one. Proof once again that the universe is out to get me.

Since I don' have 160 x 80 wall space free, I am going to have to remodel.

Maybe I could have it laminated to the kitchen floor........


  1. Husband says NFW to the laminated floor idea!

  2. You ALWAYS ruin my fun.....no mad scientist lab for you!! :)

    Wait, you can make my cool Halloween props in you lab!!!

    Crap!! The universe is really out to get me!!!! I am very unhappy!


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