Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Completely by accident

I created one of the creepiest decorations I have made.

I am sooooo happy :)

Presenting EVIL Pooh

I was working on him and thought.....he needs some black eyes painted on him. Since, he is a toddler doll that only had stitched eyes that disappeared in the creation process. So I blobbed some paint where the eyes should be and on the right eye the paint rand down like black tears!!!

Something out of a nightmare huh?
Too bad it is not my prop. I made it for someone else. :(
Hope she likes it, cause if she don't, it's mine.


  1. I would make a second one to give to her instead! - Rashas

  2. Can we use it to frighten one of our sons into doing his homework? He's in second grade and the homework battle is already started.

    mmmmm...evil Pooh can has my cheezeburger.

  3. Too funny. You guys are among the most creative people we know.

  4. Oh...but you made evil pooh cry...I dunno. Is he really evil? Do evil things cry nowadays? I just want to double check this so I don't embarrass myself.

    I've also never seen an erect and gray hardened pooh before! This is definitely a new experience for me and I think I should take a moment to bask in it's erect-gray-hardened glow!


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