Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have a weakness for pumpkins and pumpkin flavored/scented things!

So, it 'tis the season of happiness for the red headed girl. I was at Starbucks and they had pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins!!! If I drank coffee I am sure I would love the pumpkin latte, it sure smells yummy!

When I was shopping this weekend (truly a happening) I found a Pumpkin Pie candle from Colonial Candle - I got the jumbo size :) And a pumpkin diffuser for the times when I am not burning a candle.

I got a pumpkin cake air freshener for the car. How cool is that!

It is the Northwest, so there are probably at least a dozen microbrews that are pumpkin flavored! Unfortunately I feel the same way about beer as I do about coffee. :)

I wonder what it would take to get Lush to start making pumpkin bubble bars?

Off to find more pumpkin stuff!!!!

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