Friday, September 19, 2008

Now that I think about it

It wasn't my fault! Dorie made me shut her brother in the drawer.

It was the morning that our housekeeper comes and I had to go downstairs to get something and saw a small pile (about three pairs) of my shoes sitting in the music/potions room. So I thought, I should put these away, not make Jeff have to do everything for me. (I know, it was early, I was not awake yet.)

I grab them, walk by the bathroom, see another pair, grab them.

Walk through the living room, see two more pairs, grab them.

Tromp up the stairs, arms filled with shoes, open the shoe drawer with my foot and dump them in. It was early, I was just putting them "away" not putting them away in a pair, color coordinated, and by heel size - which is do a few times a year. :)

After I do that I think.....There are some more shoes in the bedroom, I will grab them on the way out and throw them in here too. Be a nice wifey for a change, husband will be so (surprised) happy with me :)

I go back in the bedroom, finish a few things, grab a few more pairs of shoes.

Now, if I would have been paying attention, I would have noticed that - Dorie was a little too anxious to get in the drawer. There she is with her little front paws on the lip of the drawer looking in....I thought she wanted to jump in, so dumped the shoes and closed the drawer.

(In hind sight, she let me pet her. Hummmmmm..... Dorie is like me, not a morning life-form, you cannot pet her until about 10:00 am - she runs off and will have nothing to do with you, unless you have canned cat food.)

Without another thought, I headed downstairs, grabbed my bag and my tea (go juice!) and headed off to work.

Klip, klop, klip, klop....The heels do not like the nylons I was wearing. (Nylons?! You say, yeah my work dress code sucks :) The back strap kept slipping off, and since I had an awards event that day, I thought I really need to get some shoes I can walk in - so I don't trip or something on my way to pick up all the awards that I was sure I would get. :)

Set my stuff down, and back in the house.

Husband asks why I am back, I mumble that I have a shoe malfunction and I need another pair. "Which I am sure I have" I say.

"Yes, honey, you have a lot of shoes" he says.

I would have liked to argue, but the fact that I had just put away about 7 pairs of shoes this morning, well. . . .I hate to say it, but he might be right.

Free advice for all you husband types:

The best-husband-in-the-world answer would have been.

"You need more shoes, I will take you shoe shopping!"

Okay, not as bad as it sounds, because I hate shopping so shoe shopping for me would just require me to log on to Zappos and pick out shoes to be delivered to the house. And he calls me high maintenance!

Anyway, up the stairs.

Now, in normal circumstances I would have walked past the shoe drawer and went right to the heel drawer ,which is in another room entirely. (I have an old house, I guess closets were invented sometime after 1936.)

After walking awkwardly around in that heeled strappy number, I thought it would be safer to pick a low heel -those are in the shoe drawer.

I notice that Dorie is sleeping right in front of the drawer.

She normally sleeps about two feet over, right in the walk way She is the Stair Guardian and you have to say the right password, or bring cat treats to pass by into the Upstairs Realm.

I try to push her away from the drawer

She looks at me as to say "Not really going to happen mom"

Hum, don't you usually run away from me in the morning? Get your gray kitty butt out of the way!

So I move the cat and open the drawer.

Did I just see whiskers? Na, just sleepy.

Dorie is again, sitting with her front paws on the lip of the drawer craning her head. I naively think she wants to jump in the drawer.

Must grab shoes quick! I reach into the drawer of black shoes and grab cute black shoe....with a cat paw attached.

Whoa, "Mason is that you?"

Two eyes peak out from the back of the drawer. Yep, that is Mason.

"Crap, I shut you in the drawer, I am sorry."

"Hey, baby, I shut Mason in the shoe drawer! Poor guy!"

"You did, what? Keep the drawer open when you leave"


I grab the other shoe, which he is sitting on - and he is out of there!

But Dorie jumps in the way and swats him.

I shut the cat-free drawer and head off to work.

I have the shoes on at work and find they have the same problem. With the nylons they are too slick and the back of my foot pops out of them each time I walk. This is going to look charming when I pick up my awards. Why did I pick these shoes?

Oh, yeah, I was distracted by my cats.......poor Mason :(

Wait a minute!

Dorie didn't stop me from closing the drawer

Dorie was sleeping in front of the drawer to keep me from opening it

Dorie whacked Mason when he tried to leave the drawer

I think she may be out to get her brother...... :)

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