Wednesday, September 17, 2008

With a kiss

I pass the key.

Not bad! - Holy crap! - I can't believe you did that!

Those are the comments from our friends this weekend on my first attempt at "sculpting" (The real artists out there are laughing their asses off!!! Sculpting, is that what you call it?)

Well, as sculpting as you can with a male wig head, some dry wall mud, Metro gray paint, a bit of wire. a box from the vinyl gloves I was using, masking tape and the Sunday Oregonian business and sports section.

I sculpted a "bust"

Not bad, but it was supposed to look like Houdini.

Not even close.....that is why there is going to be a plaque underneath it that has his name and death date. (He died on Halloween you know?)

Maybe by version four, that seems to be about the number of times I have to remake a prop before it doesn't make me cringe :)

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