Monday, November 3, 2008

Chris folly #1

I had several Chris follies this year. :)

Since I seem to have started a tradition of reading H.P. Lovecraft around Halloween, I thought it would be only fitting that he had a tombstone.....and a small monument.

It was not enough to carve a skull with a candle on some books on the tombstone, I had to over do it by creating a stack of books and with a skull and have candle light mounted on top (that hooked into the custom 3 volt lighting system for all my candles :)

This is not part of the tombstone but an actual monument that sits on the ground next to it. A Chris folly.

When we were taking the yard down this weekend a friend would not let me put it away, he said it was too cool and needed to stay out all year.

That is why he is my friend :)

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