Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stirling Castle Graveyard

There are few places in the UK that I will visit over and over, no matter how many times I have been, and towards the top of the list is Stirling Castle in Scotland. It is similar to Edinburgh Castle, sitting on the top of the city as a castle fortress.

Many battles and ghost stories here....but , for this audience, I will focus on to the graveyard.

Below the castle is an very old (in US terms) graveyard full of incredible tombstones.

For the front yard I plan to create something close to these monuments - definitely Chris Follies :)

Completely unrelated....
For those of you going there or have been here in the last 8 years.....I have to agree with almost every local that I have talked to. The limewash on the Great Hall looks out of place. I know they restored the great hall to its original look, but it just looks like they put stucco on the building....:(


  1. *sigh*
    Do have any idea how much effing foam it's gonna take to do that castle?!
    Fine, fine... when do we start?

  2. Nice to know that if I ever want to build a castle out of foam - you are up for it :)

  3. I remember walking through there with my wife for hours one evening... left about 20 min after sundown. Pure magic. A wonderful set of memories came flooding back, thanks for the trip!


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