Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He is right, he does not sleep

I am at home sick yesterday, perfect opportunity to catch up (as if) on my reading. As always the nonfiction pile is much larger than the fiction pile at my house so I thought I would tackle the bigger problem.

I am feeling a bit lost and a bit more out of control when it comes to my life at the moment so the book "Write it Down" sounded good. I remember picking it up, longer ago than I would like to admit, thinking that it was a good plan for the lost red head girl.

I get to chapter two....wait a second,...she is telling a story about a guy named "Marc Acito"
You have got to be kidding me. Really? Honestly, felt kind of strange...don't know why. Small world. :)

He was talking about "The Artists Way". That book is haunting me, I have picked it up at least two times a year for at least 5 year, We have even talked about it ....I just cannot seem to get past the first few pages. Hummmm, I am beginning to believe the universe is out to get me on this one.

I might have found the answer. I will write it down as one of my things to do :)

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