Monday, November 3, 2008

Have I missed any trick or treaters?

I say that throught the gate into the larger crowd of people in front of the gate, looking for children in costumes to come forward with their bags to say "trick or treat!" It is a large crowd and not everyone knows that we are handing out candy. I found that announcements to the crowd worked well.

And I get a few that make there way to the front of the line. I hand them some candy and keep an eye out for more.

"If you have a three musketter bar, I will take one of those." comes from the lady standing in front of me (by herself, no kids.)

I think, "you will, will you?"

For good PR reasons only I look through the bin for some candy, this goal is distracting me from all the things that I want to say out loud to her, but I can't because there is a crowd of mostly civil people and they should not all have to pay for her rudeness.

I had her the candy and she takes off - no thanks, nothing. I bet she did not even leave a donation.

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