Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They are following me

and I am scared.

It appears that there was a Lutheran Teacher's Convention in Seaside. We happened to be there just as they were breaking out for lunch. We ran for cover in a "Funarcade" hoping they were not going to play video games (BTW- I need a Lord of the Rings Pinball game :)

When we got out, they were all safely back in the convention hall (in Seaside, really, they have a convention center, yes we were surprised too!)- we made a break for the car and headed back to Cannon Beach.

.....then... a few days later...

we were having lunch in Cannon Beach near our hotel, and there they were again! A crew of them sat down next to us!

When they started counting seats in the restaurant to make sure they had room for the bus load that was on its way......yikes! I ate fast. :)

You know, the christians didn't used to scare me ...but after prop 8 passed in California, I have completely lost heart :(...I find myself avoiding them so that I do not burst out screaming! :)

Must think of happy thoughts....graveyards, kitties, pumpkins, skeletons......ah, yes, I am much better now :)

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