Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am back

more or less.

But before I catch my breath I have to to get postcards out to Hauntcast and start working on West Coast Haunters Convention.  Been so "living in a cave" at Hauntcon that I cannot even remember where I left off.

So, I guess that means I gotta quit blogging and get back to back soon.....well, maybe not soon, but some day :D


  1. My Goddess, Frog Queen, take a break! You're going to work yourself to death. Slow down and smell the ghostly, spectral roses!

  2. When you finally slow down post some pics! (but I guess that wouldn't allow you to slow down would it?)Take care

  3. Better sooner than later!

  4. Welcome was Hauntcon? After you get your obligations done take a know what they say about a candle that burns twice as you're making the rest of look like slugs so just stop it would ya!

  5. Glad you checked in, and really glad to hear you are blowin-and-goin.... thats what you do best! ;) Much love to you both!

  6. Is it really you or an Evil Other, sent to lead us all astray. Moreso than you already have that is.



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