Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is it wrong

to want all this convention stuff to be over?

I remember what it was like to attended conventions....I miss that. Showing up and being amazed :))

To all of you that attend all the gathering and conventions this spring/summer. Raise a glass to all the people that help make it is much more work than you can imagine.

All that smooth sailing you see on the outside requires a lot of work on the "before" side.

Those people (I know, I work with them) are amazing....and dedicated, and very special - we are all very, very lucky.

I have never missed just prop building so much.


  1. Community leaders know that true leadership is all about service and hard work. Community leader wannabees and poseurs think leadership is just all about them.

    Clearly you're a true community leader!

  2. Having put together a number of small scale events in the past, and watching my wife run her wedding planning service now, I can attest that it takes takes a ton of effort to make an affair look "effortless." Glad you survived the ordeal!



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