Monday, May 23, 2011

Who do I have to

kill/sleep with/pay off/make cupcakes for to get blogger to stop this nonsense:

Seriously people.....I am way to popular to only have 300 blog friends! :D are already following the maximum number of Blogs (300). Unfollow some other blogs first.

"Unfollow some other blogs first" - Really?  That is your answer.  And that....even on a good day is a poor answer to a problem.  

I am not going to go through the proccess of writing down the first 100 accounts, unfollowing them all and then adding the few non-Blogger blogs - and then following all my Blogger friends again....took me a month to do that last time....and I think I lost a few followers because they thought I stopped following them.

Come on, whom ever is coding this stuff....just add another "0" and make it 3,000. Thank you very much!



  1. Wow. What a pain! There have already been so many Blogger problems this week too...

  2. I love you?! *grimaces anxiously*

    Maybe set up another account to follow even more blogs.

  3. I know someone else who has that problem too. The alternate account sounds like the way to go.

  4. LOL! That is ridiculous!

    The cupcakes couldn't hurt though ;)

  5. lol Blogger has been grumpy lately...

  6. Great idea on the two accounts everyone! And yes, blogger appears to be cranky these days :)



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