Monday, May 23, 2011

You have to start somewhere

and we learned years ago to start with a model when it comes to big projects.  Anyone that has been to our open houses or some of our classes might be familiar with our foam core model collection.

They are very crude and simple, but they serve to teach us a valuable lesson on several levels.

First - how many sheets/panels will we need.  In this model we have about 40 (and this is just phase one)

Second - costing - we can get a general idea of what the supply costs will be.

Third - How it is going to look in place

Fourth - We get a general idea of how we are going to build it.

Fifth - this Halloween stuff bores the cats to death....or at least to napping.  You can see my cat Dor sleeping on my sweater on the you can see she looks very interested :D

BTW - Yes, the Home Haunter Video Awards are in!
(Mike from Ghostride dropped them at our booth at West Coast Haunters Convention) Waiting for the plaques to show and we will get them mailed out.

BTW - again - we are currently out of stock on the Home Haunter DVD collections.  We are going to wait to order additional copies until we get more the wait time on shipping will now be closer to two weeks.

Oh, for anyone that is confused.....we are replacing the existing church facade with a ruined abbey - this is phase one of a multi year plan....and yes....we did learn another lesson from this model. We are indeed crazy.


  1. WOW! Looks amazing all ready. Your process is great. I'm sure that you get a lot of kinks worked out before the construction begins :)

  2. you are are crazy!! but thats why we love you!:)

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks beautiful, and so complex! I haven't been this excited to see something in a long time. I cannot WAIT to see the progress on this!

  4. That is just awesome. I know how things change from your mind to the actual proportions in the finished product, so your model is brilliant. I must say I can't wait to see the progress and finished project. Ya just keep raising the bar higher don't ya?

  5. I so wish I had the budget and support to do a project like this! I am SO envious. Maybe you'll wake up and your ruins will have moved to Northern California-just an enticement for y'all to follow, you see... ;oD

  6. Awesomeness...must be model making in the air...cause I'm working on one too!

  7. That things gonna be huge! I'm not worthy!


    Seriously, I am amazed at all the things you guys manage to pull off. I couldn't manage a tenth of what you guys do for the community. Even if your facade fails or is reduced drastically in scope, you guys rock just for dreaming big and going for it! Good luck!

  8. Amazing! I cannot wait to see the progress of this new project. I would so love to have the time and money to build such a thing.

  9. Thanks everyone. We promise to post lots of pictures.....and maybe even vlog!



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