Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now that the conventions are over

Thank goodness!

We can focus on our own display.  Every year we make a list of things that need to be done over the summer and send it out to the crew to see who wants to help with which project.

Just to give you a glimpse is the email we sent to the crew:

Now that we are done with conventions we are talking a weekend off and catching up around the house then going to Ashland for an extended Memorial Day Weekend.   When we get back we will be ready to get started on the projects for the year. 

Our big project will be to design and build a replacement for the Abby façade.   The new one will be bigger, free standing in the driveway and be more detailed.  It will hide the patio fence and the shop and look more like ruins. At least that’s the plan.  But besides this big project there are a few little things we also want to get done.

Re-film the horse video
Fix the footsteps effect including adding a new audio card
Make 6-10 new tombstones
Replace the wooden blocks on the LED lights with something that will last longer
Build another TOT
Repair the mausoleum
Add details to the existing tombstones
Rebuild the eternal flame monument
Fix the spider eyes
Re-film the mausoleum video
Improve the quality of the Margie video
Create a new video for mud-o-vision
Repair mud-o-vision
Repair flicker light box
Re-film cathedral video and place in new structure
Build an audio box to replace the PC for sound.
Experiment with foam coatings
Create a easier to use web gun
repair the angel sword
Rebuild donation box guys
blinky eyes need repairing
work on usual

See, no rest for the wicked!  I gotta go...I have a lot to do!! 


  1. WOW! You are one ambitious woman! You must be so thankful for your minions :) I can not wait to see everything in progress. Let the madness begin!

  2. hey, not too much listed there! you go, girl!

  3. Of all the to-do lists I've encountered, this is by far the most entertaining. Certainly a lot of work to take care of, but all of it exciting.

    I wish I had "build a replacement for the Abbey Façade" on my current list of chores...

    Always cheered by the efforts here!


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