Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As you all know

Hal owns the place

I just love the pictures of "Halloween Cat" that other people take.

It is almost like looking at Hal from a mythological sense....they come into the yard looking for the leader....and seem to capture him in all his glory.  This is a picture from our friend Bryan Dorr.

Trust me, .....the yard is his......if you do not do things the way he wants.....he is outta here!! There are other worthy houses in the neighborhood....make no mistake! :D


  1. Cats have so much attitude. My mom's cat sleeps over at the neighbor's house, and the neighbor's cat comes to my mom's house for dinner. Hysterical.

    My cat just cuts me when he doesn't like my hat. And I love hats.

  2. Hal looks kinda pissed off in that photo. Don't mess with him!

  3. Hal....he is da bomb, da boss, and da man all in one. Don't mess with Hal! Love it!

  4. It's got to be the tuxedo! My little Maggie is one, too & she rules the roost.

    Hal's a handsome boy!

  5. Your cat is so cute. Would you like to trade him for a corgi? Probably not, but I can dream.

  6. I love cats and I love Hal. Great pic.


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