Friday, November 4, 2011

Davis Graveyard at the Mansion

yes, "the Mansion" - the Playboy Mansion. (no...not the "Haunted Mansion" if that would have happened, I would have mentioned that a lot sooner!!)

Yep, at the very last minute....and I do mean way past the last friend LP called me saying something about heading over to decorate for the PB Mansion and asked if we could do the tombstones.

For years we have looked at the videos and said.....really, those suck I mean we could do better.

We got our bluff called, time to put our money where our mouth was.

So about a week before Halloween me and a group of crazy I mean best friends helped me pull off the 7 days we made 36 tombstones and crated them and shipped them to California......

for very, very little money......but hey, it is all for charity right!?

Very special thanks to:

Matt Rinker
Lisa Rinker
Dawn Reid
Elyssa Thelin
Roman Moreno

....and most importantly...husband, who designed, built, packed and shipped the crates.

What did this get us?  A few hundred dollars toward the party fund.....and bragging rights.

Yep, there are Davis Graveyard tombstones at the Playboy Mansion.....not just "at the party" the were featured on the walk way up to the mansion!


Thanks to Leonard and Jeanne Pickel, our favorite Halloween friends who got "our foot in the door" on this project.....yes, "thanks" ....yeah, that is what I am feeling :D


  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! How freaking cool! It turned out awesome, Chris! Super exciting!!!!! Kudos to you for helping spook up the PB mansion in style!

  2. That is so cool! You guys never stop to amaze me. They looked really good!

  3. very cool! Total bragging rights!

    I'd like to see a close up of that winged critter in the middle towards the back. That looks incredible!

  4. Now we just need to get them to buy a few more to replace out the cheesy plastic ones the used as filler. Although they did make ours look even better! :D

    @Lisa - I have seen a shot of the winged guy closer up and sadly I think he is a flat cardboard cutout. Although it would be an awesome prop to build! :D

  5. Woah! Well, that was unexpected! Congratulations. :) Wow, your gravestones are at the Playboy Mansion. They're famous!

  6. they look great (no surprise, there!) congrats!

  7. I can't find any other way to put this so- That kicks serious ass!

  8. Awesome and congrats!

    They look great!!

  9. Congratulations on fulfilling every male Halloween enthusiast's dream...there is nothing more...nothing to strive for..the pinnacle has been reached.

  10. Why...that's the sexiest lookin' graveyard I've ever seen.

  11. Oh to play in that place...the screams would be awesome...wait. Are my priorities all screwed up?

  12. That's pretty bad ass! And your husband didn't offer to go install them personally?

  13. Wicked cool- what a great place to have braggig rights- congrats- enjoy and brag away- ti was a delightful post both the pics and the explaination

  14. How wonderful is that!! Congrats!! They all look wonderful!

  15. Now THAT'S a centerfold! Most excellent!

  16. Awesome!!! The classiest things at the party, I'm guessing. *snicker*


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