Saturday, November 5, 2011

I think the crates

were almost as cool as the tombstones.

We joked that we should have charged extra....cause I know LP used these in the haunt somewhere :D

We even "signed"/stamped the if they want more they know who to call!

Special thanks to Matt Rinker for carving out the logo stencil for the crates by hand!!


  1. agree...those are seriously nice crates and my mind is wandering off right now, thinking of things I could do with those (besides storing gravestones in 'em!)

  2. Love the crates! They should be in a horror movie, like all cool crates...

  3. Those are nice crates. Too nice to bury a body in. Not that I need to bury a body...ahem...

  4. Boxing up everything can kinda get depressing huh! (although some what of a relief as well) :D

    How long does it take your family to "un-decorate" after Halloween?

  5. BTW I do understand this is a post dealing with shipping some awesome headstones. Sorry if I derailed the comments with my previous one :D


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