Saturday, November 19, 2011

I made a new rule

no design decisions for decorating my house/graveyard after 2 am.

Point being that while I was dry brushing gold paint on the walls of my office (late one night/early one morning) I thought......

......blood splatters would be cooler.

Yeah, just get a paint brush and splatter red paint on my gray and black walls........

Then I thought......that would not match the gold color in my new chandelier.......but if I got blood on the chandelier........then that would....

.....I could hear my husband (who is sane and was in bed at that time) screaming in my head

"What the he....."

He would be saying that because he would hope that he was just dreaming and that chalk outline on the floor was just me being clever and not there because I actually.......or he ......


So I resisted the urge to head out to the shop and grab the red paint.

Red....yes, to the crew I know that is a huge surprise......yes...... the Davis Graveyard shop there is more than


light gray (misty)


dark gray (stormy) paint in inventory!

I hear the collective WTF? from the crew!!!!!

:D  Before you lynch me, I can explain......

I did a very through job of relabeling all the paint in the shop so no one would know......because I am evil.....

....which is not a surprise to anyone - I know.

Yes, crew.....there is red paint in the shop, all those cans marked "poison" are actually "not shades of black or gray" paint.....there might even be yellow out there, you know......


  1. Take the advice from an interior designer (or interior desecrator, whichever the case may be at the time), add to your list besides the 2:00 am rule, any decisions made after wine or tequila shots.

    The glow in the dark sloppily painted stars on my ceiling are testament to the validity of this rule.

  2. One of my favorite rooms ever is an old friend's laundry room. The walls, in the colors you describe, look exactly like the throne room of Ming the Merciless.

    I get the urge to rearrange artwork late at night. And I hang pieces gallery style, so there are a lot of them. Nothing wakes the Hubby quite the same way as hammering at 2am.

    Oh, and your captca is Orked. I wanted to type Orced just for kicks. I do love a good captca.

  3. I always suspected those cans with with the Mr. Yuk stickers contained more than just toxic chemicals...

  4. Really? This whole time you've been hiding you're color usage... ya know there are several addictions that involve similar behaviors with hiding evidence and being secretive.
    Should we be concerned... are you a closet color user?


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