Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I know that I am dreafully

late to the party on this one and many of you might have seen this.....but husband and I have been on a huge Stephen Fry kick (watching Qi and Kingdom and Stephen Fry in America) - we adore him.

There are very few famous people I would love to meet.....he is one of them....not that I would have anything that interesting to say.....except, how are you always so f**king brilliant and nice to everyone?  :D

anyway....back to my latest discovery on the season three disk of Qi - sorry, this show is only available in the UK - so it is PAL format....get a universal code DVD player.....we love our Pioneer unit, you can watch the Terry Pratchett movies.....months before the US versions.  That alone is worth the $40

So on the extras of the latest and looks like last version of Qi to be availabe on disk I found this.....I ROFL....a lot!!!

Why am I sharing.....Peter Cushing reference of course!!!


  1. Fabulous! I too am a lover of all things Fry.

  2. That was...odd.
    May I assume that you've seen all the Jeeves & Wooster?


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