Monday, November 21, 2011

I think the guys just wanted

an excuse to rent a scissor lift.....that is how I got the abbey built.

That said.....the next prop I come up with must involved a back hoe and I am sure to get what I want!  Every time we drive by the place and the backhoe is out front.....husband has to mention how he has always wanted one - he is just a kid at heart - that is why I adore him! 


Here are some pictures from set up day......which typical for the NW - it rained.....and rained.....thanks to our friend and helper Bryan Dorr for the great photos!

Big thanks to Johnson Creek Rentals (literally two blocks from the house) for giving us a great rate on the rental....once they found out who we were, they were happy to discount the cost of the rental!  

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  1. Back hoes are very manly tools. Any thing with such power that can move large amounts of dirt in a short time is just such a raw display of machismo.

    I've always wanted a Bobcat myself. Have absolutely zero use for one, but I want it! So I can sympathize.



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