Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do you think I can convince

husband to let me carve the Davis Graveyard logo into one of the blinds in my office :D

That would be so cool.....

....but I do have destructive cats.....

,,,,,but I can buy a replacement and cut another one......

,,,,but that would cost money......

....I bet if I buy them in bulk, I could get a great discount......

That my friends was a small looking into the insane logic in the Frog Queen's head....sorry for that :)


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  2. That is a very cool blind you have there already. How would you carve the Davis Graveyard into a blind?

  3. I would just print the logo the size I wanted and put it on the drawing board and cut the whole thing out by hand.....moments like that makes me wish I had not used such a complicated tree :D


  4. Did you make that blind there? Total genius!!


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