Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If you noticed

the internet was running kinda slow......that was because it had run out of batteries.

But not to worry, husband replaced them today and everything seems back to normal......now I must return it to Big Ben, where it gets the best reception :D

Anyone wanna hop a ride with me to London?

I apologize to anyone that has NOT seen the "IT Crowd"....you don't know what you are missing.....go right now, I will wait and stream it on Netflix.....you can thank me later :D


  1. My hubby cracks up when he watches that! I've enjoyed it the few times I've watched it, too.

  2. I also added a switch so when it is not in use you can turn it off and save batteries. Just not sure when that would happen?

  3. Hi, I've been silently reading your blog in the background for a couple years now. I absolutely love that you love halloween AND you made an IT CROWD reference. Kudos! You're awesome :)


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