Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What happened to the Frog Queen?

for someone who blogged a LOT.

Sorry - I had friends that commented that they could not keep up with me.

Well....that is not the case as of late.

Life changed for husband and I in mid-December - we both found ourselves unemployed.

Not to worry....yet, we planned for a rainy day or months....and it looks like something is brewing for husband, so from here it looks like we will be okay.....for now.  At least I am not panicking yet!

With all this free time, you would think I would blog more....but actually, I have been away from the computer a lot, working on projects outside and around the house.

And to be honest.....although I have a lot of Halloween related stuff going on, I have just not been in the mood to blog.

But I do miss all of you and reading your blogs.....so I think the tide is changing.

Now that we have a location for West Coast Haunters Convention, things on that front are moving ahead....but with this convention unlike HAuNTcon, we are more involved at the ground level and having to deal with all the legal and accounting side of setting up a business, that is in this case a nonprofit.  Lots of conversations over lunch and paperwork.

Then there is the Haunter Video Awards.......hopefully there will be a revamped site up soon.......I have lots of people offering to help, just need to get off my butt and get that moving.

Speaking of that....we need videos - even if you just took pictures.... slide shows are just as entertaining.

Well, I should wrap this apology up....before I go into too much detail.  All these events and projects deserve separate blog post.....which I should get working on.

I have funny stories to tell, like the spiders in my yard that considered to give me a heart attach during take down....starting with a HUGE spider trying to eat my hand off - it was horrible, but I think it has been long enough now.....I believe I can talk about it without nightmares.....I think.

See you all soon.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


  1. No apologies ever needed. I'm so sorry about the employment situation or lack thereof and hope that things turn around quickly.

  2. life is all about curve balls, i was told that my unemployment had run out at the end of the year. i am not sure what to do yet, nothing has revealed itself yet. i have good faith, friends and my wife... which i hopes keep me strong. you and your husband have a world of talent, i have seen it over the years. all the best to your succeeding, we will all be here...


    ps. enjoy life!

  3. Here's to hoping good things are right around the corner! A happy, healthy & prosperous 2012 to you and yours!

  4. You have SO MUCH on the go, it's a wonder you have any time left over to blog at all! I hope new employment appears soon for you both.

  5. I hear you loud and clear. Been in the same boat myself for the past couple of months. unfortunatley things started to go south right before Halloween, which took a lot of the pleasure out of it. But from the talent and ambition I see from you and your husband I can't imagine that good things will not happen for you. I guess you have to try and stay positive and keep moving on. Wish you guys all the best- you desrve it!

  6. yay!!! Glad you are back. I hope that 2012 is better to you guys.
    I'll be working feverishly on my haunt slide show this week. Looking foward to seeing this year's video collection :)
    Welcome back to the bloggy world!

  7. That is ok. Even if you would change your format from blogging to morse code I would still listen in.

  8. Sorry to hear about the employment situation. But hopefully, good things will come out from this for sure. No apologies needed for not blogging as much as you used to. We all have many things to take care of and you are no exception. As for the video awards, my video is almost ready. I will probably send it to you by the end of the week. Looking forward to the new website.

  9. geez, sorry to hear about the employment predicament. sure hope things improve soon. and completely understand about the lull in blogging--we'll still be here when you return!

  10. Things really do seem to go ass-over-tea kettle (do people still say that?)before they get better. Sometimes a good shake-up is what we need to grow. That said - I HATE change, so I'm not one to talk.

    I know you'll find something that moves you (and pays you) soon.

  11. Happy New Year to you lovely Frog Queen! So sorry to hear about your turn of bad luck...but hoping that there will be a silver lining on your gray cloud soon. Keeping fingers crossed for you hubby! And I feel ya on the blogging thing. There are ebbs and flows in the desire to blog. Mine usually just coincide with being tremendously busy with real life and not having the time frankly. But absence makes the heart grow fonder. I always miss my Halloween friends while I'm gone. Here's hoping for better 2012!:o)


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