Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hal hates

dogs.  He is not particular.....he hates them all.


He came that way....he was a stray before we adpoted him he adopted us so we are not really sure what his life was like before the gushy food and the warm bed to sleep on became the norm.

But if I had to bet......I would say there is an unpleasant dog experience in his history.

We know this because what happens when a dog enters the yard.

He turns into Hal the Dog Killer.  (At least I am pretty sure that is what he is thinking in his mind.)

He looks at the dog like he is going to eat them for breakfast.

I don't care how nice your dog is or how well he/she gets along with cats.

Hal will have none of it.

It has been a source of amusement and fun stories about him defending the graveyard for years.  One of the many reasons we keep him....he is entertaining.

And the other day he got even more so.

I have always seen him stand up to one dog.....proud and sure of himself.  King of his domain, no one is going to mess with him......unless

....there are two dogs.

That was funny.......and suprising.

Got to see Hal climb a tree I have not seen him climb in years.  If you asked me before that day if he could get up that tree anymore, I would have said no.  Living on canned cat food has made him soft.....and a little, lets say....larger.

I have seen him try to climb the tree.....and in all those previous cases, gravity won.  As gravity does.

But the other day the two dogs were chasing each other through the yard, I don't even think they were aware that Hal was there....but he saw them.

He did his best "Halloween Cat" (arched back) impression and headed for the tree.....which I was sure would...well, I believe he believed he wanted to be up that tree......but I was not sure he was going to make it.  I was worried that this was going to involve an expensive vet visit.

I was wrong......the will to live kicked in and he was up that tree, straight up that tree - I believe it is about 8 feet to the first branch and the second is a foot or two higher.

He stayed there and tried his best kitty Jedi mind trick to will the dogs out of existence.....or to explode.  It is hard to tell by this look........but I am sure he would have been satisfied with either of those solutions.

I think this second one is directed at Dan who took the picture.....Dan, I would be worried.  I know that look well.....that is "How dare you photograph me in this compromising situation.....I will kill you later, petty human" face.  

Dan, I will try to talk him out of it......but just just to be safe....I would bring cat treats for him next time you visit :D


  1. gawd, I love cats! congrats to Hal on his very athletic escape!

  2. Poor Hal! He does look ready to kill!
    Gairy (my fat orange tabby) attacked a great dane a couple of weeks ago. That dog won't come near my house any more! LOL ;)

  3. Poor Hal! Obviously, he was able to connect with his inner athlete . . . . was he able to get down by himself later?

  4. Cute kitty. I think most cats hate dogs. Dogs are not good for cats. I know mine aren't.

  5. I love cats and their fearless attitude.

  6. I'm siding with Hal on this.

  7. Good for Hal! I once watched a cat chase a dog down the street. Funniest thing you've ever seen. I'm sure could do that, if he chose to.

  8. Aaand cue Benny Hill theme!..Action!

  9. Hal is the only cat I have ever heard *stomp* as he was staring down a dog.


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