Thursday, September 8, 2011

If you would like to make a donation

put it in the box.

Our donation box got a face lift this year.

Just in case you is the original design.

The old design just could not handle the abuse by the public.  It was almost destroyed in 2009 and although not as badly was damaged enough last year to need major repair.

We realised that although we liked the was just not good for the purpose.

So, it got a redesign....after a bit of discussion and a brief sketch by Toph....Lys got working on what she does really well....tree trunks.

Here is the new donation box with a really strong base (we forgot to get pictures of the under structure) that we made sure had extra support for the "root" system to see if it would fair better in public.

I have some finish painting and we have some new water resistant lights from Minispot Light to add to the mix and then the this project can be crossed off the list.

One project down....a whole abbey ruin to go!


  1. hey, this looks really awesome! very cool design.

  2. That looks great. I like the old one too. It's too bad it couldn't take the abuse.

  3. Although the old one looks cool I really like the redesign!

  4. It makes me want to give a donation. Do the cheques have to be signed with blood?

  5. I really like the new design :) Look at all of those lovely skulls!!! I hope that it doesn't get damaged this year!


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