Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dead Guy Ale

Official beer of the Davis Graveyard Halloween party. It is good to live in the Pacific Northwest. We have great beer!
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  1. Can't tell for the taste of the bear since I never had a chance to drink one of those. But the name of the bear is appealing for us haunters for sure. Have a great party!

  2. Try this one:

    Or that one:

  3. Rogue is delicious.... cheers to you fellow northwest blogger and good beer fan!

  4. You're telling me? The Kinkasi brewery is practically down the street from me!

  5. That you do!! Dead Guy is a fine beer for Halloween! Just save me one...


  6. Hahaha, the title of this post caught me off guard! We are in full Build-and-No-Sleep mode so if I don't see you again in the next day or so, Happy Halloween my friend, you are such a smile in my day, and I really appreciate everything you do!


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