Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Look what I got my humans to build

What did yours make for you?

a cat bed? a scratching posts? Oh, they buy you fancy cat food?

B*tch please! I have mine trained to build me a free standing abbey display!  That is the ultimate scratching post!!!

That said.....

.......I believe Hal wins the trained humans award :)

Just so you know.....Hal (aka Halloween Cat) approves of the new abbey, although we could hear him saying under his breath, as he turned around to give it one final look.......could be better, but that will do humans, that will do :D

...just know I have a long list of improvements for next year.....let's start with one of those monks holding a silver platter with caviar....yeah....let's start there :D


  1. Her Royal Highness sez: I bow to you, Hal, King of the Human Trainers. All mine ever made for me was a wadded up ball of tinfoil on a string. Yeah, pretty pathetic, I know.

  2. Caught the story on channel 8 tonight. Recorded it if you need a copy. Looked awesome. That poor camera man must have been soaked!

  3. He's so cute. Love the Hal in the graveyard pictures :)

  4. Look out it is "Halisourus"! The giant Abby crushing cat.

  5. A sinister abbey wouldn't be the same without a cat.

  6. I hope my faithful cat, Lucky, doesn't read this post. There will be no living with him!


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