Monday, October 31, 2011

If I could be someone else

right now - I would be one of my favorite blog buddies

If you have never visited his blog....well, I am giddy with happiness to share the fantasticness that is "The Skull & Pumpkin Public House" blog with you.

Do yourself a favor and read his Halloween post......I was going to write something clever and witty tonight, but I am humbled at the magnificence of his post.....I cannot, dare not, attempt to match his perfectness.

This is why I blog my friends, you people are a constant inspiration.....thank you, all of you!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Thank you very kindly, Chris... what a fine thing to write, and what a fine feeling it is to be held in such regard by you.
    Happy Hallowe'en!!!

  2. Following now! That is a great post.

    Happy Halloween!


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