Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just when we thought we were safe

and no new projects would be coming our way at the very last minute.....

....I had to answer the phone today, even when I saw that it was LP calling.....and I knew what it was and what would happen if I answered!

Why do I do this to myself....and the crew!!!

Holy sh*t - we are in over our heads again!!!!

We have taken on a new project two weeks before Halloween....cause I am insane - wait, you all knew that!

If you watch this video and notice the really lame I mean cool tombstones in the shot (at about 1:11- yeah, those are awesome!!  I mean scary in the "not good" way).....we have been tapped to make that look even better not so lame, oops, I mean more awesome!

Yes, we are working on a sh*t ton....I mean over 30 tombstones for this event......anyone want to drive them to Los Angeles and crash the party for us? :D

If you want to attend legitimately :D  Click here for details.

In case anyone thinks we are making big bucks on is a charity party.....with a charity budget.....if we get out alive....we are going to call it good :D  And anything to help out a friend.....

What exactly are bragging right worth.....I mean in actual dollars :D  Can I trade them in for lost sleep hours?  Please!!?!?!

Back to prop building everyone!!


  1. Holy crap. After reading that, I have just decided to go back to bed.... in your honor. LMAO.

    Girl, you gotta crazy streak going here! ;) You had better take pictures before you send them down to those bunnies!

  2. After watching that video, I can only scratch my head...

    Good luck getting the tombstones completed!! I'd volunteer to deliver the stones and crash the party for you, but I'd probably be laughed right out of it. :)

  3. Am I reading this right? Are you making tombstones for something involving the Playboy Mansion or did I just miss it? All I know is, I liked the vid and LOVED the music. Got my groove thang groovin' this a.m. GOOD LUCK you insane workalholic.

  4. Your making more tombstones? for a charity party? At the Playboy Mansion??? Ok life is tough, just a sec, trying to muster some sympathy ;) Get some tombstones signed by Miss October or something! You could sell them at your store or Ebay them or better yet give them away to your blogger friends for their cemetery!!!

  5. Good Grief!..Well! If there's ever a silicone shortage you'll know where to look!....

  6. There were tombstones in the video?...must have been distracted by the

  7. I was distracted too, Stolloween. LOL!

    Don't think about what they are going to do to your tombstones. Just ponder where Hef buys his earplugs, because I can't even find ones that work worth a damn on a plane, much less in the middle of all that. Seriously- I would need a midparty nap.

  8. This is the same party that a friend of mine has made vacu-formed castle walls for. He did eventually go to the party and said it was amazing.


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