Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am okay with the orange and black

but not really sure I want to eat the purple bits in the cake.

Not to say that if someone made this for me, I would not bust out a bottle of piont noir (the good stuff from the wine cellar, not the cheap stuff in the kitchen wine rack) and forks......

Cause I am pretty sure I would have to be partly drunk to eat that :D


  1. I see frosting - I would eat it. How sad is that? Anything could be in there, but it has frosting, so I'm game.

  2. Beautiful cake! I probably wouldn't want to end up with a purple and orange tongue from eating it, though. :) I actually own that jack-o-lantern in the background!

  3. Yeah, I gotta say that as much as I like the colour purple I am a traditional orange & black kind of gal when it comes to the Halloween aesthetic.

  4. It's too pretty to eat!!

    OK. Who am I kidding? Like Lydia - it has frosting. I'll eat.


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