Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something smells lovely

If I have not mentioned it before....I will say it now.  I am a huge fan of Lush bath products.  Have been forever, back when I used to have to bring back a suitcase of them from London, long before they had stores in the US.

Love them.

They always feature cool holiday favorites and this year is no exception:

I am a big fan of the bath bars and bombs.

COBWEB his limited edition LUSH bomb shares the same fragrance as our long lost love, Black Pearl Bath Bomb. Lavender, chamomile and a touch of blackcurrant soothe and calm you down after a night (or day) full of frights. Shaped like a cobweb and dusted with sparkle, this small but mighty bomb is a major stress reliever (as long as you're not scared of spiders).

An herbal delight to soothe weary minds and send you off to dreamland.Snap these limited edition Cobweb Bombs up while they're still around.Lavender oil is used to help calm the mind and aid in restful sleep.

CALAVERA Calaveras (skulls, in Spanish) are an iconic image for Day of the Dead, a Mexican celebration that honors and respects the dead. We were so inspired last season by the idea that this time of year could be filled with love instead of scary creatures, we invented a line of Day of the Dead products. Sadly, there isn't any tequila in this brightly coloured bomb but we were sure to fill it up with marigold petals and zesty lime oil to make your bath time festive!

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with our neon, lime-scented party for your bath! It's only around for a short time, so get yours to celebrate with before Day of the Dead! Lime oil has a fresh, sharp, zesty scent. It's uplifting and invigorating- the perfect way to recover from Halloween frights

I absolutely must have this soap!

PUMPKIN Carve some time out of your Halloween festivities to wash up with our spicy hand and body soap. Clove, cardamom, spearmint and fresh pumpkin will warm up you up after a long night of trick-or-treating. If you've loved LUSH for a long time, you may recognize the sweet wild orange, lime and spicy cinnamon scent from our Almond Buttercream soap. If you don't remember, that's okay, we trust you can imagine. Warm your hands and your heart with the sweet and spicy scent of pumpkin pie.

Just like real Jack-o-Lanterns, this limited-edition pumpkin is only available for a short time. Cinnamon leaf oil warms you up and helps you fight fatigue as the days get colder and shorter.

Demon in the Dark Trade in the age old tradition of bobbing for apples and wash with them instead. This spearmint and apple soap will get even the most mischievous demons clean.

 And I also adore their body wash...... 

GHOST It first made an apparition in 2007 and now it's back to haunt us. Ghost is a translucent, white shower gel, made with rose and dove orchid infusions and scented with a beautifully calming floral perfume. Pure, white, lovely and only around for a moment, take a photograph of your Ghost or no-one will believe it really existed. All that will be left is soft skin and the fragrance of lilies.

Ghost is limited edition and will only be lingering here at LUSH for a short time. Soothes goosebumps and calms hair that stands on end.

 They have more cool products for Halloween! (I love that many of their products are vegan!!) Check it out.

And believe it or not, my favorite body wash is called Snow Fairy.....and it is pink and glittery....yeah, I know, I just lost a whole bunch of Halloween credit on that


  1. There is actually a Lush shop down here in Welly! I've been in there quite a few times. Infact, I had a rather embarrasing experience there a few years ago involving their bath bombs.

    I dropped a tester into a container of water. Those things really are bombs. I tried to stop it flowing out, but it was like trying to plug a volcano with a cork...

    Huge mess.

  2. Marrow - I know exactly how you feel!! They work much better in a huge whirlpool tub! :D

    Glad you made it out alive!!!



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