Monday, February 2, 2009

And the winner is

ME! (We!)

Yeah, this should be the new them of my blog - Frog Queen bitchin' about awards. :)

Anyway, I got an email today from one of the groups I submitted our Marketing awards and we won, something, they don't tell you what you won, just that you did.

And of course they invited to sign up for the conference to pick up my awards. I think they go through the list of people that did not sign up and have them win an award so that they can invite them and increase attendance for the conference. I am in Marketing, I am suspicious all the time.

Awards or not, I am still not going. :)


  1. They make such a difference don't they. :) The fame the accolades, the pay raises....wait......Yawn...that was a nice nap :)


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