Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If no one else does it

I am going to start bringing one of those sand timers to our meetings.

Our lovely neighborhood has association meetings every month. They are usually boring and often long, sometimes very long. But we enjoy our community and well, with the madness we cause in our neighborhood in October. We do what we can to stay on every ones good side.

And one of our really good friends got elected chairperson, and I believe the storey goes he was not at the meeting when they voted for him. Lesson learned my friend. Yeah, and scared the beejezus out of husband and I, what will happen if we miss a meeting?! Anyway, we are there to support him and our community...but sometimes, like the nail lady incident, I am reminded of where it is I live.

We have an unfortunate "situation" happening in our neighborhood (I will not bore you with the details) that has a chunk of neighbors pretty upset. And when you are upset or passionate about something (as in my case) you can babble on like and idiot leaving the whole room gazing at you like you have three heads.

(Cue Alison from Elvis Costello "....sometimes I want to stop you from talking when I hear those silly things that you say....." yep, that song was running through my head the rest of the evening.)

It was painful and went on for WAY TOOOOOOO long and never came to any point - in fact not even in the neighborhood of anything resembling a point. Most lost the will to live. And brought to the forefront of my mind that there is no way I could be chairperson. I would be in jail for killing someone. And it would be fast trip to the police station because there is always an officer at the meeting.

No, the meetings are not that violent (yet) they are giving us an update of crime in our neighborhood. :)

It was a great reminder of why attendance is so low, no one else wants to go to jail.

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  1. I have had the desire to bring an hour glass to work but then I'd probably end up beating someone with it. Ugh, then Immigration would likely get involved and I'd probably be asked a lot of questions which means I'd miss lunch and then I'd be cranky and I just don't like to be cranky.


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