Monday, February 23, 2009

I need to keep my day job

I joked about web design as my new career, but I think I need to keep the day job.

I spent too much time on Sunday creating a very simple website for the Haunters Video Awards. I am so glad that husband was smart enough to grab the Haunt X award page before the site when down! I copied all the winners from that site and just put a simple list with links to the haunts website on the page. I will work up to adding pictures later. (I really need to finish my book, and the site for Fright fest Northwest first!)

I need Hermione's time turner!

So I get it set up and ready to go. I thought I was doing the right thing, keeping it very simple, simple image, simple fonts, simple layout. Looked decent on the screen. (I knew I should have had Allen help me with this one, I might need to call him before I am through :)

Then husband finished it up and uploaded the site and it had problems. When you scrolled the text, yeah it went behind the heading - looked lovely (not). Husband fixed it (I like having a live in IT department) and it is up now in draft form. I know I have a lot to add to it, if anyone has suggestions or if something is incorrect, let me know. Oh, and information on any of the winners before 2002 - that would be helpful also!

I just looked at it again, and I can see a lot of things that need to be changed.....I will be tweaking it when I get home tonight. Watch for updates.

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