Thursday, February 19, 2009


sing a song :) ....which he likes to do, my fabulous friend - Marc Acito.

Just the other day he was featured again on NPR. (again :) His piece is great and helps put things in perspective and makes me laugh. Something I think we can all use these days. Thanks Marc.

So I am doing what I can, to help someone who is doing what I would love to do, and that is do something creative for a living that does not involve an office of suits.

Do your self a favor and help me help him and take a listen and recommend it to your friends and pass it on. (Which of course you will want without me asking, because it is brilliant.)

Oh, yeah, and besides Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman, my favorite, favorite author is my friend, the funny, fabulous and very beautiful Marc - buy both his funny, funny books.

How I Paid for College
Attack of the Theater People

If you already own them, thank you, now do a friend a favor and buy them a copy.

Now, get back to making Halloween decorations!!!

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