Monday, February 9, 2009

Obviously you have

only known me for one Halloween season if you start your email to me:

"I know that you are probably not thinking of tombstones this time of year..."

Really, I think about tombstones everyday-of-my-life. (I have a very serious problem, I know.)

Husband and I have been putting in way too much time creating our 2008 DVD, and we are just about done. We could not think of what to do for our Easter Egg when husband remembered some odd footage taken by an aspiring movie maker friend.

It was unusable for the video, but if you slow it down, turn it sepia, add noise and lots of dust and scratches, you have something, well, just weird enough for husband and I to share.

So I have indeed, been thinking about tombstones a lot. A whole lot. Nothing like looking at unforgiving daylight footage of about 20 or your tombstones, over and over and over again, to make you think about how many you need to replace. (I keep telling myself I will not make any tombstones this year, let's see if I can keep to that :)
So I need to make this very nice hearse owner a custom tombstone for his car. I project we worked on this spring for about 6 of the hearses that came to our events.

Yeah, it is pretty cool to have a line of vintage hearses in front of your house!!!

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